Friday, January 18, 2013

Israeli Atrocities Against the Palestinian People

I am sending this message with tears, that I never cry, but it destroyed the building is 500 meters from my house, and the images of dead children bothers me.

For excitement, I want to show the reality of everyday Gaza under intense Israeli bombardment and attacks.

The world's most "moral army" of Israel committed a slaughter again Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012.

Israeli aircraft bombed a 5 floors in Gaza City, a building that houses 40 people, belonging to the family Dalou: 12 people died in Dalou family, including six children, three women and two elders. There were 25 wounded.

Sorry for the amazing pictures taken by a photographer friend who is in a difficult psychological situation after these terrible images I think of human rights and the rights organizations the kids are asleep. I do not know when you wake up?

A new Israeli crimes against our children and civilians, a new slaughter against humanity ...

And a new silent participation of countries which claim to defend human rights.

I have to send these pictures, friends, good people, partnerships that support our noble, trying to calm my anger and wrath of the people of Gaza.

It's horrible, horrible, but the reality is harder to Gaza.

Gazans are united in friendship, strength, courage, dignity, humanity, and particularly in Gaza.

Duly elected Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh condemned the Israeli attack and called on the international community to assume its responsibility to deal with the crimes of Israel against Gaza. The western hypocrisy, while proclaiming the "guardian" of democracy, has consistently failed to deal with the government that the Palestinian people elccted in free and democratic elections, for no other reason that I like them and their policies recognize "Israel's right to exist. "

Since the creation of the company's Israel, Israel has no right to exist on Palestinian land recgnized. They have failed to comply with the resolutions and declarations which were an integral part of the creation of the company.

For his part, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas", the family slaughter Dalou is a testament to the failure of the Israeli army, which would compensate for his failure to attack civilians and stressed that Israel will pay the price.

War on Israel and Palestine

All Can ITU d explain that kmu know the history of the Jewish history of the ge
D is the prolonged conflict is conflict Submarine Has 60 Years More progress.

av Tilik Of Formel cause conflict Initial struggle is the core area of ​​the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, East Jerusalem ge.

Israel is the Jewish State is established for g ..
Jews are the people who have no Motherland ger d scattered all over the World Quarters.
Since the case of the Jewish Holocaust g experienced nazistiska By Germany, d decided to give place for Jews to live. prose Long After finally Amat In 1948 the Jews proclaimed the founding of the State of Israel. Independence by The People första av utnämningarna various parts of the Jews scattered to establish their own World State, is reached. By the British offered them to choose Region Argentina, Uganda, Palestine Or to live, BUT MRK choose More Palestinians. Since the beginning of Israel had not accepted the Palestinian presence, even where the area is their på ordlek. Because FEEL have an attachment to the Historical Palestine, Coming to end their berbondong2 Palestine.

Why Palestine? It is actually related conflicts dg elements punkt Jewish Religion, It Wants to occupy ge atao surrounding Mount Zion (Palestine area, including the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, East Jerusalem ge) gd ge sacred Olé Believing that they place their God IS Holy Place.

Dg datangannya Palestinian Jews to besar2an scr, Land Belongs to the seizure occurred Begin Olé Jewish settlers of Palestine. This is the mass 
of the Palestinian Nation Lallman sporadic resistance spread.
Sykes Picot agreement Based on 1915 Year In Classifieds ge Palestinians unilaterally placing has been av Down British rule. THE Atal enactment of the Palestinian system-wide UK Wide open FARG to Jewish immigrants punkt ge this fishing protestantiska Palestinian nation.

England further action to give their approval through the Balfour Declaration of 1917 in order to have a place to stay Jewish Palestine.

In the Year 1947 Palestine Atal THE UK ends ge taking Rather UN authority. UN Security Council Resolution 181 (II) November 29, 1947 date of dividing Palestine into three parts. It gets loud protestantiska population of Palestine. They kiss-kyssa staged demonstrations against the policies of the United Nations. Another case made by the Jews. Utnämningen love with them held a great victory celebration ABOVE. Arabiska vägran of some assistance in the form of weaponry flowing into Palestine.

What the Jews in Palestine was not seized regardless of ge American support for Britain. This kyss Two States Thanks finally to Palestinian Jews occupied By force although prose should be passed so ge Hard Long. Since up to 1918 1948 600 000 Jews about possible Palestinian Territory occupied.

In 1956, the Gaza Strip occupied Sinai Desert ger Israel, arabiska Islamic Movement Region after being hit ge Audah Abdul Qadir, Muhammad Firgholi, Yusuf Thol'at ge directly involved in the war with the Jewish Palestine was sentenced Ole läge Egypt format. And the Year 1967 Region All fall into the hands of Israel Palestine. That incident happened after the striking of the Islamic Movement of ge hanged Sayyid Qutb against Jews feared that Amat. In 1977 the Lebanese attack occurs against ge the Camp David Yang sponsored Olé late Anwar Sadat of Egypt.

Eventually, it becomes a form of the Palestinian Hamas organization Want From People releases its territory from the Israeli hard line population (d Mata Mata kulor).
So, in short, Israel, Palestinians to extend its territory to attack get wilayah2 wants ge d och g, including the Gaza Strip.

Spiritual Reasons dg (take back daerah2 Holy MRK) Rag ville though they must justify killing innocent orang2 TDK.

though, is also the Holy City of Jerusalem for 3 RELIGION, namely Islam, Christianity, Jews ge.
By the Jewish elite of Israel's Holy City d make it part of the country. Whereas according to the UN's International City is because it has some interest thdp Religion.
Currently visit Jerusalem When We Want, It's hard because the DG have it tight Keep FEEL Olé Israel.